timemachineDr. Kurt Doonesbury, former scholar of Tibetan Mysticism and Kafkaesque Cinema, brings you reports from The City So Nice They Named It Twice. A transient settler with more former addresses than teeth in his head, Dr. Doonesbury is and plans to remain a Tennessean from California.
When asked about his life plans, his only response was:
“Ich bin hier auf Erden, um herumzufurzen.”

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Bragging rights
  • Can understand Austrian-German and most Bavarians.
  • Survived the Bible Belt (and learned how to shoot guns and drink moonshine).
  • Survived 20 hrs in holding in Queens Central Booking.
  • Talked muggers out of stealing wallet and credit cards in Athens, Greece.
  • Lost 200 € to muggers in Athens, Greece.

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