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The Campaign Trail has proven to be a dysfunctional one for many of the candidates. At any moment, the Bigwigs will call for it to be moderated by former Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer. He is the only one with the mental fortitude and security connections to keep this from becoming a grade school pissing contest. And it is getting pretty damn close to it.

On Wednesday, after being the second veteran to get trash talked by Donald J. Trump, former Texas Governor Rick Perry propositioned the real-estate mongrel to a pull-up contest. “Put up or shut up,” he challenged during a Q&A session after a speech on reforming Wall Street. No joke. This is God’s too honest truth. Give it a couple of weeks and candidates will be whipping out their dicks while aides scramble to get measuring tapes.

But somehow Trump’s popularity grows. Pretty soon it will be to monstrous to keep under control and maintained. Just yesterday I came across the blog of “Texas Tea Party Patriots” and my curiosity got the better of me. Here’s one of their more recent stories:


Author of the blog, Sally, writes:

If the dumb ass GOP does not pick him, he will, and he WILL win!! We the People are sick to death of the status quo=spineless ass kissers!! Go Donald Donald J. Trump! We need a president who can and will KICK ASS!! NO MORE ass kissers to the Communist/Demon-Rats!! Trust God!! Clean House!! KICK ASS! The more the GOP and the RINOS hate you, the more I love you!!

WAY TO GO, Donald J. Trump! I will vote for you, just because you have the BALLS to stand up against the EVIL ones! If it takes an Independent Party, then so be it!! I have always voted for the man or woman not the party!! A lot of people don’t like you because you are rich, too bad! GET OVER IT!! If the GOP does not pick you, so what, they are on my shit list, for doing NOTHING to STOP the POS occupying the W.H.!!! I voted for them, so that they could fight Obama!! They have proved that they are no better than the Demon-Rats!!! They have done NOTHING to stop the SOB!!

Texas Tea Party Patriots

What sets him apart from the Status quo? Sure, Donald J. might not need to financial backing from his billionaire buddies, the Koch Bros (though, fans of his [filmmakers, contractors, etc.] have already set up PACs to help his campaign out). And they have even recently banned him from the GOP club house this election. So, he’s unlikely getting any of the insane $889 million the Kochs have set aside for candidates in the run-up to 2016. And people are eating it up. No one likes their elected officials eating out of the dirty hands of anyone’s but theirs. And Trump ought to know a thing or two about controlling people through donations. He’s openly stated he’s given to everyone and everyone he’s given to is more than willingly to bend over backwards for him. And it’s not only the GOP who he has backed in recent years. He’s tossed a little funding to campaigns for Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. He might be styled after a well-to-do business man taking care of business, but his brain is as rattled as that of an addicted gambler. It’s the numbers that count and a losing mark against him would make him a loser. And he can’t have that. And he doesn’t care whose toes he has to step on to achieve success.

I’m also not sure if you can safely classify someone as not evil who has been a party to 100 federal lawsuits, not including another 200 or so civil suits if the count were to include litigation involving five of Trump’s largest companies. You don’t get sued that often for being a super good guy. I know people who’ve spent years in prison that have been to court fewer times than that.

Trump has also gone on record slamming Obama for having more wars than he has ever seen in his entire life. Though, for a guy born in 1946, that’s just bad math. Trump’s solution: Add another on the pile. When discussing North Korea, Trump has stated that the best solution in all of this would be to simply strong arm them like Reagan did Gaddafi in 1986. For those that remember their history, what Reagan did was bomb Libya, kill about 100 people including civilians (and one possibly made-up adopted daughter of Gaddafi), and got the US condemned internationally while making Gaddafi a much more popular guy at home and in the Arab world. And that guy had it pretty good until he was dragged out of a drainage pipe and murdered a little over two decades later. I don’t know, Trumpsy, that plan sounds like it’s leaving a little too much up to fate.

Signing out,
Dr. Kurt Doonesbury