Intelligent Dissent, Not Emotional Rant

Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

Jeremiah 10:2-4

The news has been strange the past two weeks. Things seemed to be picking up in the headlines and the media made out as if things were really cranking up around the globe. . . . Neo-Nazis marched in Bavaria, tricked into raising money to stop Neo-Nazis, the KKK had their Twitter account hacked by Anonymous, Charles Manson is rumored to be getting married to a 26-year old mega-fan, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is expecting the shit to hit the fan, the Israel PM promises to use a heavy hand in response to a recent attack by “those human animals,” and a CNN reporter asks a woman who is accusing Bill Cosby of rape why she didn’t bite his penis. . .

The Ku Klux Klan’s Twitter account was hijacked by Anonymous after making threats to use lethal force against protesters in Ferguson. This happened nearly a month after an Imperial Wizard from Alabama sanctioned a sit-down between a Klan organizer and the president of the NAACP chapter in Casper, Wyoming, where some 130 miles north black men were being brutally beaten just for being out and about with white women and Klan literature was being distributed. Pamphlets were found with “save our land and join the Klan” printed on them. John Abarr, the Klan’s spokesman at this meeting, said that the Klan was trying to distance itself from its violent past and that they just wanted to be an organization for people who were proud to be White. He paid $30 to get on the NAACP’s mailing list and donated $20 to the organization and has since then said that the Klan was opening its doors to Blacks, Jews, Gays, and Hispanics. . . since they apparently want other races and people of a different sexual orientation to be proud of being White, too. Though, this membership would only be open to those in the Northwest, where it is widely believed people are a bit weird anyway, and not anywhere else in the Nation should anyone be psychotic enough to join.

So much for shedding the image of violence, one that they have maintained for nearly 150 years. And we shouldn’t be surprised that this was their take on Ferguson. While most pragmatic people are furious and outraged by what is going on in Missouri, Conservative news is pulling a reverse race card on this one. A guest on Fox News in an interview with Steve Doocy painted the picture of the protest as not calm and that tensions were getting higher by the minute because the protesters were believing this “mantra of the unarmed black teenager who was shot by a white cop . . . . That description in and of itself actually colors the way in which we look at this story.” Days earlier Bill O’Reilly cut short his vacation to come back to the studio to let his viewers know that he was greatly upset with the media coverage that Michael Brown was getting. Ol’ Papa Bear was upset that Brown’s family took a video of Brown as a smear against their son when it captured images of him robbing a store and pushing a clerk around as he left. O’Reilly believed that this was a video showing the state of mind of Brown at the time. The fact still remains that this 18-year old kid was shot 6 times by the officer, with two bullets to the head. When Al Sharpton spoke out about police violence against blacks, saying, “I want you to know that these parents are not going to stand alone, not going to fight alone, we have had enough!” Ol’ Papa Bear said he was just stoking the fires of racial hatred and upset that the police were just being efficient. Words only a cretin such as O’Reilly could say and stand by. Granted, this is coming from Bill O’Reilly, a well-to-do white man and self proclaimed “dildo expert” who has gone down on record as being sexually aroused by falafels.

Gun stores in Ferguson are reporting record sales. One store owner is boasting 200 gun sales in just over 3 days and he plans on selling another 200 before the weekend is over. Smith & Wesson seems to be the popular pick.

No matter what the grand jury decision is, win or lose, Officer Wilson and the Brown family will be the losers in all of this. Wilson will be forever known as the guy who shot a black teenager and the Browns will still have a dead child. Sharpton was right, it seems. People have had enough. But Ferguson has grown to be more than just about Michael Brown. People seem to be more interested in outing police violence and not just when they shoot dogs, which people generally seem to be more angered about than when they kill kids like Keith Vidal, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham, Tyler Comstock, Robert Ethan Saylor, Christopher Roupe, . . .

Christopher Roupe was a 17-year old white boy from Georgia. He had hopes of becoming a Marine. He was at home playing games on a Wii console when Officer Gatny knocked on the door. Before Roupe opened the door, Gatny already had her service weapon drawn. She shot him point-blank in the chest once he had opened the door. She thought his Wii controller was a gun. Officer Gatny had already been in trouble for firing her weapon at a suspect when he was removing his backpack during a search. Officer Gatny wasn’t charged for the killing and the media didn’t show much interest in the story. No one showed up in Georgia to protest or riot. No religious leaders tried to rally up the troops. No one seemed all that interested and the story was soon forgotten.

Just last night, Akai Gurley was shot in his own apartment building stairwell by a Brooklyn cop. The cop was standing in the stairwell where the lights were out and once he heard noises shot the 28-year old resident as he was coming up the stairs with his girlfriend. The officer also already had the gun drawn before the victim was in the stairwell. Police Commissioner Bratton was quick and let it be known that Gurley was completely innocent and that it was a major mistake by the officer but tried to justify it by adding: “We leave that decision as to when to take a firearm out to the discretion of the officers based on what they are encountering or believe they may encounter. There’s not a specific prohibition against taking a firearm out.”

A lot of people believe that all police mottos are “To Protect and to Serve,” but in reality, this is just the LAPD’s motto. In NYC, the motto is “Fidelis ad Mortem“— “Faithful unto Death.” This might be due to the fact that the NYPD does not have to help you no matter what if they think they might get injured. This was proven by Joseph Lozito who was riding the 3 train when a serial killer the cops were after stabbed him in the face while two cops watched the whole thing. It was only after the stabbed and slashed Lozito had subdued the killer that the two cops came out. They also took all the credit for catching the killer.

Other nations are looking on and thinking, “America has one strong fucking camel.”


Punch-drunk on Kool-aid

“This crusade – this war on terrorism – is going to take a while, …”

George W. Bush, September 2001

The World seemed to be on track with handling hate-mongers. . . . At the very least, they have been shown that the World sees them as loathsome creatures. Though, we shouldn’t be so smug. Not yet anyway. . . . This isn’t the high-water mark of our generation. It may never come to be. We have to prepare ourselves for that. Newton taught us that if we push them, they will most certainly push us back.

My girlfriend and I talk a lot about whether or not people are just stupider these days or if we just have more access to stupid people than before. I personally believe that technology has just given us more access to rampant stupidity. . . . So much so that our cup floweth over. People aren’t stupider than they were before. I just spend too much time on Facebook.

While most people were giving “attaboys” out freely to Anonymous and the residents of Wunsiedel for their actions against the Klan and Neo-Nazis, respectively, Americans’ equally as terrifying ignorance towards Muslims seem to be going unchecked. A girl I went to high school with recently had this to say after reading this story on on herFacebook page:



The article states that America is veering dangerously close, too close, to Islamic Sharia Law just to cater to a greedy minority of Muslims and as Americans are watching on in shocked horror as our once strong, Christian Nation is attempting to include Muslims in our society and appease them by having our stores sell halal foods while stomping on the rights of the majority. And somehow Obama is to blame just because. And why not blame Obama? If you read this website you will be led to believe he is unfit to fill the role of president since he doesn’t look the least bit like Reagan. . . . And let’s just skip the fact that Wal-Mart has actually been doing this since around 2010 and has even been selling kosher foods since I was a kid.

The website was founded by Josh Riddle and David Rufful. Riddle and Rufful are both Ivy League graduates and should have been educated enough to know that abbreviating “Young Conservatives” to “Young Cons,” while somewhat true for these two, is a poor word choice for a handle. It is a news site that is read by ultra-conservatives and confused dirty cops who have a sick fetish for under-aged criminals and landed there by mistake. On their site you can read such detritus as “This is BY FAR the craziest tweet during Emperor Obama’s immigration speech” and “6 signs that you’re a liberal who is out of touch with reality” and much, much more (usually junk “You won’t believe what happened next” headlines). The latter included a few pearls of wisdom such as stay away from the Daily Show and MSNBC. The reason behind this is that Jon Stewart isn’t a news anchor and MSNBC is just a humorless version of the Daily Show. “Watch a legitimate news source” is their only solution, but they didn’t mention what news source we should go to . . . . We don’t have to think real hard to figure out who they might suggest.

They called Obama a racist during his immigration speech for saying illegal immigrants are picking our crops and making our beds since he was stereotyping the type of labor that they do. Though, I’m not sure what types of jobs these two Ivy League grads think illegal immigrants can have since it is harder for illegal immigrants to get a job at McDonald’s than it is to get into Harvard. I might not have the nifty degrees from Dartmouth that they do, but at least the universities I attended taught me how to look up sources and statistics. And that’s what I did. According to the National Agriculture Survey, 53% of all workers in agriculture are illegal immigrants. And the U.S. Department of Labor will show that the majority of illegal immigrant workers are in the service, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

I worked a summer as a door hanger on a construction site. It was a miserable job. The days were long and twice as hot. Each morning I would watch as a great deal of Mexican laborers piled out of their cars, trucks, and vans. They did everything from the landscaping to pouring concrete to hanging up dry-wall. And they were quick and good at it and friendly as hell. At the end of the day, they would line up at the back of their foreman’s truck that had Confederate flags on it and a half torn bumper sticker for Bush/Cheney ’04 just so you knew that he was a Good Ol’ Boy. That Good Ol’ Boy would hand them a twenty or two and say “Hasta mañana.” And they always came back.

Anyway, back to butchering animals. . . . The question still remains, though, as to how these people think a cow becomes a steak or a chicken a drumstick. Or what will happen to those live lobsters in seafood section.

While halal and kosher sounds brutal and inhumane, the word “butchering” doesn’t leave one with much hope that it will be a joy ride for the animals. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people who understand that we don’t cuddle them into ground meat. Most slaughterhouses herd the cow to the death chute where a cow will be lead forward until two bars snap into place, immobilizing the creature. Once the animal is secure, the workers take their hammers and WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The cow is now ready to be butchered and shipped off to the store.

Though, some people use .22 rifles or a captive bolt pistol, much like the one used by Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. But you have to be careful with either one of those. Aim to low on the head and you will miss the brain completely. It is a general rule of thumb that if you aiming between the eyes, this won’t get the job done. Most DIY handbooks on home-slaughtering will tell you to ignore leg twitching. That’s common after death for cows.

When I lived in Germany, my friend Mathias Rammelmeier, now a singer-songwriter in Bavaria whose last name means humping mayor as he explained it, asked me if my family owned property back in the United States. I told him we had a farm. In his thick and odd Bavarian dialect that even most Germans had a hard time understanding he asked, “And your parents, what do they have on the farm?”

“Oh, you know. The usual. Cows, a pig, and a couple of horses.”

“And what do you do with the horses?”

What do they do with the horses? I thought maybe I misunderstood the question. What did this giant Bavarian think we did with horses. . . “Well, we ride them and sometimes just look at them. What else would you do with a horse?”

“You can eat them.”

This led to him telling another friend of mine and me where we could get good horse-sausages to grill, all the while giving us some look as if we were from some strange world. A world that didn’t eat horses.

If Wal-Mart started serving up horse and dog, people might really lose their shit. . . . And who would we blame then? Probably still Obama and his administration and anyone who might be leaning towards liberal in their socio-poltical beliefs. Like Lamar Alexander did recently when both Democrats and Republicans wanted to further the ban on selling ivory in the United States. The Senator from my home state of Tennessee, who wants to keep ivory on the market since he doesn’t want his ivory-handled pistols taken away by Obama even with the news that African terrorists are poaching elephants just for their tusks to support their murderous needs. Poaching is one of the quickest and easiest ways for them to earn money on the black market next to MSBs, drug dealing, kidnappings, and charities. But it was still OK in his book to wiretap Americans and continue to do so after 9/11.

There are rumors spreading in dark alleyways concerning the possibility of terrorists taking up whaling just for the ambergris. Not that I spend much time in dark alleyways, but word is getting out and it is only a matter of time before we start hearing about it on the evening news. But as of now, Washington has remained eerily quiet on the matter.

So much political anger and right before the War on Christmas season. It is supposed to be a good one, too. Staff writers have been busy for weeks working on the rants for news commentators, pulling in hours of overtime they won’t be paid for. And I will be right there with them, shouting, “Tear down that Christmas tree, you heathens! What would the Lord say?!” It’s not that I’m religious. Far from it. I just hate Christmas trees. It might be a subconscious trauma from my childhood, when my parents always had to have a live tree with roots and all. They were heavy and difficult to get in the house and there were always a lot of arguments about what way was the best way to get it in. It was the same trying to get it out again. And the needles would be buried in the rug until the next November when it almost time for another tree. . .

In the end, it has become quite clear that some people have drank too much of the Kool-aid and maybe I have, too. I should stay away from the news and Facebook. It makes me wild with frustration and unpleasant to be around. Maybe I should just call up my father and get into an argument about Reagan. Vonnegut said if you really wanted to piss off your parents, go into the arts and be gay. With my father, he would have been OK with either of those, so I had to become a liberal.


And this one just for shits-and-giggles from the same person:



Falling Through the Cracks

“Obviously one [fatality] is one too many. But in the grand scheme of things, when you move six million people a day, you have a greater likelihood of being hit by lighting twice than being struck by a subway train.”

Kevin Ortiz, spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

A man was pushed in front of the D train on Sunday while heading out to China Town with his wife. Early reports said that another man tripped and accidentally pushed the man. Recent eye-witness reports now say that the man in question just shoved the victim into the on-coming train. The suspect then just casually walked out, took a bus, chatted with a few people on the bus about what just happened, and stopped for a smoke. He was arrested this week somewhere near his mother’s home.

In the numbers game, the MTA find their subway system to be safe. Only 53 accidents in 2013, a year that they say had over 6 million riders per day. I overheard a man on the corner say, “The subway is getting to be more dangerous than punching a cop in the face.”

Time did a piece about subway safety recently. They reported that the only safety measure in place for subway riders is fear. As long as we fear the tracks and the train we might remain safe. Former National Transportation Safety Board chairman James Hall stated that the subways could have high-tech safety measures in place, but we are too damn cheap to actually do anything about it. He ended his interview with “You will invariably have innocent individuals literally fall through the holes of that type of structure. It’s a matter of priorities, and making safety your most important priority.”

But don’t worry, New Yorkers! The City has decided to spend $200 million on 10,000 internet pylons for free public Wi-Fi.

Employees know it's not safe: MTA’s largest employee union handed out flyers designed as fake blood-stained subway cards to demand slower trains, better braking mechanisms, and protective barriers.

Employees know it’s not safe: MTA’s largest employee union handed out flyers designed as fake blood-stained subway cards to demand slower trains, better braking mechanisms, and protective barriers.

Finally, I’d like to share with you a video our neighbor took of people trying to break into his apartment just 7 weeks after both of our apartments were burglarized which I discussed in my last entry. Enjoy!

Dr. Kurt Doonesbury